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  • djclay313He hit em wit the cut ! Then the backspin ! Wow the crazy thing is he didn't even know I was behind… https://t.co/m0EQ3e1wtz - posted on 26/08/2015 03:04

  • djclay313Tonight they bringin me in to guest bartend !!?? #UhhOhh ! You can't say no shit like that to me… https://t.co/dlfOPmyARB - posted on 22/08/2015 14:13

  • djclay313Packed up weekend !!! Let's get out and have some fun !! CHECK OUT dRip sample parties in these… https://t.co/H7Gp5QFsUk - posted on 20/08/2015 13:34

  • djclay313CHECK OUT dRiP™ sample parties in these following cities. DJ Clay brings you dRiP by Clay. Stop out… https://t.co/taROah7JES - posted on 17/08/2015 16:07

  • djclay313Anyone who wants order information on the dRiP e liquids please send a message to the dRiP facebook… https://t.co/G9AC0H0oXm - posted on 16/08/2015 13:45

  • djclay313Wake the fuck up and get off my property dog !!!! https://t.co/YOoRB77PFn - posted on 16/08/2015 01:35

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